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The Swashbuckler's Guide to Running Away from Dinosaurs (AUSTRALIA ONLY)
The Swashbuckler's Guide to Running Away from Dinosaurs (AUSTRALIA ONLY) Price (inc GST): $29.95
Price (ex GST): $27.23
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This book is now available and in stock!

If you're looking for a book written by a naturally talented, genetically gifted, highly successful runner, keep looking 'cause this sure as hell 'aint it.

This one's 180 full colour pages filled with advice, inspiration, pretty pictures and some stories about an every day guy doing a bit of running and the lessons he learned along the way. Most of which he learned by getting it wrong.

There's a bunch of advice written by Sputnik himself, some advice from some other every day runners he's been lucky enough to run with over the last three or four years, and some advice by some absolute super stars. People who run at the highest level and have done all sorts of amazing things like run ridiculously far or fast, win races, break records and all that sort of stuff.

To keep things fun, there's some of our favourite inspirational and motivational quotes in there as well. And some that are, well, just a bit of fun really.

Want your copy signed?

Fancy an autographed copy? Or even a little personal message? No problems at all, just pop something in the comments section or email us and let us know if you just want it signed or actually personalised, and providing he's not off on some crazy adventure we'll see if we can't get Sputnik to scribble in it for you.

The money back guarantee.

We're so sure you'll like it, we're prepared to give you your money back if you don't.

Seriously. If you buy this book and don't like it, all you have to do is send your book back within 30 days of it arriving, along with a photo of you juggling three puppies and a chainsaw while walking on a tight rope above a pit of molten lava, and we'll give you your money back, no questions asked. Simple as that.

SIZE: 164mm x 117mm.

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